About Us

We saw a need in our community. We know that the coronavirus (Covid-19) is going to have an impact on our community. It will impact families, individuals, and businesses. It will have an impact on our economy. Instead of sitting by and watching this happen, we decided we should do something to help our community. We knew we couldn't do it all, but we could do this -- build a website to support local businesses. 

We want to remind you that your local government should be doing this. Your local government should be working to ensure our economy doesn't collapse, to make sure families don't go hungry, and to offer safety nets to those most at risk. However, our government is complacent and slow moving. Remember this when you go to vote in November. Remember that when you needed information and support, your government was silent. When you needed health insurance, your government had nothing to offer. When your business was at risk of closing, your government bailed out the stock market. When you ran into childcare issues and struggled to feed your family, your government had no solutions. Remember the individuals in your community, your school board, or your elected officials. Did they make decisions to protect you and support your family?

Thank you for supporting your local economy. You are ensuring the future of Fairfield, Iowa when your government failed to offer relief. You are to thank. You are supporting your community. 

Stay home. Stay safe. 

- Hannah and David

About Hannah and David

Hannah and David are just two people who decided to do what they could to support their local economy while it is impacted during the spread of the coronavirus. They are two normal people with a seven-year-old and a giant Great Dane puppy. They want to remind you that your government should be supporting you during this time, but it’s not. It is both beautiful and tragic to see individuals step up for their community. They said, “we apologize to you for how disappointing our government is during this time, but please help us in supporting local Fairfield businesses and business owners.”

Hannah and David run a marketing consulting firm. If you have any use of our services or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us here.

About David

David is the CEO and Publisher of iPhone Life —the ultimate online resource that makes it easy to master your iPhone. With technology changing so quickly, iPhone Life empowers you to be in control of your digital life. iPhone Life writes iPhone tutorials including How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer and How to get rid of split screen on iPad.
David was awarded FOLIO magazine’s 2014 media industry’s innovators 20 in Their 20s. He co-hosts the iPhone Life Podcast and writes regular columns for iPhone Life magazine and iPhone Life Insider. In addition, David offers marketing consulting to support local businesses. He specializes in Search engine optimization and email marketing.
About Hannah

Hannah runs a marketing consulting firm that works exclusively with small businesses and nonprofits. She also is very involved in local politics. She believes both local and national governments should work for the individuals who make up the United States. 

Hannah just wants everyone to listen to more podcasts about the housing crisis and the economy.